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Mirage Surfside Condominiums for Sale and Rent

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Mirage condominiums, Surfside

Mirage of Surfside Colony welcomes you here! Our pleasure is to work a magic just under your eyes – create incomparable luxury condo which combines immaculate sands of coast, infinite horizon of Atlantic and splendid architectural complex at bare heart of exclusive area of Bal Harbor, Miami, Florida. Nothing but authenticity, trendy architectural approach, touch of natural tropical panoramas and game of colors will be used in our challenge.

And here we are: just have a look around – lush flora, Hawaiian scenery, glimmering ocean surface, soft waves sound caressing your ear, close rumor of breaking water composing the heavenly serenade – the magnificence of the place fairly makes your spirit ascend to the highest delight level. Intercoastal is like a vein giving a way to the fairy tale cruisers to its magical journey. Nothing but Mirage condo combines the unique quintessence of the coastal attitude – build back to 1995 it embraces you with caring warmth of sun, easy touch of water – it is delicate yet not disturbing intrusion to your privacy.